College and High School Senior Portraits

Years of hard work have paid off; a chapter in your life concludes and new exciting chapters unfold before you. A well-crafted artistically conceived portrait provides an heirloom treasure that will represent these formative years forever. Your family and loved ones will view
your portrait and remember fondly the student, athlete, artist and citizen you became during this period in your life. Your portrait is more than a snippet of time or the capture of a moment; a portrait is a time capsule containing the memories of a journey. A thousand stories waiting to be released requiring only a gaze to set them free. Congratulations you have arrived prepared to meet the challenges of higher education, career, relationships, family and life. Let your senior portrait mark the end of a grand journey and the opening verse of your next chapter. Our approach to capturing your portrait begins with understanding you and what you value most about the journey you have just concluded. Whether it was academics, sports, theatre, music or simply you and the passage of time, share with us what you value and together we will create a wonderful portrait.

The Nuts Bolts and Cost of a Portrait Session

Portrait sessions usually take about an hour to an hour and a half. If you are looking for multiple looks that require changes in location and wardrobe your session may take longer. Everything about your portrait session is about you and tailored to you. Lighting, lens choices, shot angles and post processing and other creative choices will be made to fit your portrait. What is most important is that together we capture images that have meaning for you. Your portrait(s) should represent and include meaningful aspects of your life. Whether that means the location we shoot, wardrobe or props, thoughtfully planning what you would like to see in your portrait will help us achieve a portrait to be treasured for many years. It is not necessary to achieving a successful portrait to have more than the simplest of backgrounds or props. Whether done environmentally (out-doors natural setting) or in a studio with a simple black, white or colored background. It is you, your portrait, the audience is interested in. A simple, well placed prop held or in close proximity that represents a mindset or activity important to you can be a powerful and thought provoking reminder of this period in your life. You should dress in a way that is comfortable, represents you but is a step above your daily casual wear. Accessorize in a way that expresses your personality but does not become the subject of the As with all things of value, there are costs involved in creating a portrait. We prefer to
work from a menu of options or “ala carte” rather than pre-determined packages. Fees and expenses break down into a few categories.
This fee covers the base rate of the photographer and all the equipment required for your shoot. The minimum Session fee is $125.00 when the shoot is located at our studio and surrounding area. This fee covers 1½ hours of preparation, shooting and review time. In most cases 1½ hours is adequate to achieve our desired result without undue time pressure. If you seek to have professional hair and make-up, multiple wardrobe and/or location changes you may need to book additional time. Each ½ hour above the 1½ hour base session is $45.00. We work from our home located within Shady-Trails community of Fontana. Our garage is set up to be utilized as a studio and our property inside and out offers many attractive backdrops for portrait photography. We also utilize the community areas and grounds around our home. Among the many benefits of shooting here is the privacy and ease of making wardrobe changes quickly allowing you multiple varied looks within a shorter period of time. This fee covers the photographer and equipment traveling to a location of your choice.

For locations within 30 miles of Fontana California the location fee is $25.00. Distances beyond 30 miles will be quoted on a per shoot basis. We are happy to travel as far away as you would like to go for your portrait session. Taking your personal photographer to exotic locations in the world will guarantee not only awesome photos but a lifelong friend as well! Some locations you might choose require photographers to purchase a license to shoot in the premises or on the grounds. These fees vary based on the location and can be as low ten dollars and as high as hundreds of dollars. In advance of your shoot we will determine if any license fees apply and these fees will be added to your proposal. Important to location shooting is that we are a fully insured professional organization. Insurance retained covers not only tjvphoto, inc. but property we may be shooting at or within, you and any persons and property that might be around your portrait session. If you desire, professional hair and make-up artists can be retained for your session. Please advise if you would like a quote to have a professional hair and make-up artists present On rare occasions specialized equipment is required to capture images you might desire. If you require sports photography that equals what you would expect from professional level sports coverage. Or maybe you would like your portrait taken while you are racing a motorcycle or car, maybe canoeing or hanging off of a cliff on a rock climb. We can capture images in any situation at any place on the earth and the gear is available to do it. The costs associated with the equipment’s rental, insurances, technicians and assistants all can be outlined and presented for your consideration.

“When do I get to look at the pictures?”

All the discussion and expenses above get you the photographer and his equipment together to produce photographs but how do you get one on your wall. Your portrait is a collaborative effort between you and your photographer you will view on the camera, the beauty of digital, or on a monitor in the case of studio shots the images as we create them together. Photography is a creative process. When you “buy” a photograph you are actually buying the rights to use the photograph. The “artist”, photographer retains the rights to the
images that he/she creates. To achieve a quality end product there is a chain or specific “workflow” that is followed by photographers. It all starts with the choices we make regarding how a camera is set up, lenses and lighting. The process continues through the workflow onto a computer and post processing software that has been color balanced to the actual photography session. From there the files are backed up to hard drives, processed and uploaded to the web site. The image files are never destructively edited. The files on the web site continue in the workflow process of being color balanced. How you choose to view the end product require the files to be optimized for that medium. For instance the color space used for computer viewing is different than the color space used for printing. A photograph printed from a file set up for computer viewing will never look as good in print as it does on the monitor. The professional labs that we use for printing carry on our workflow quality standards and make the adjustments required to optimize your finished print. You can be confident that with each choice you make you will receive the finest quality print that can be obtained to the highest technical standards.
Having booked and paid for a portrait session you will have many options available to you to purchase and use the image or images created for you. All of the varied options for the image whether electronic, prints or merchandise will be made available to you though a private gallery on our web site Prices are dependent on what you want to do with the image. Below are some examples of what you might want to purchase and the related cost.

“How many images should I expect?”

Depending on the number of different locations and wardrobe changes we will present anywhere from 10–15 images per location or wardrobe change for final selection and post
The Menu

Session Fee Studio
This fee applies for portraits taken at our Fontana location. A wide variety of
environmental portraits and studio based portraits are achievable at our location.
Session fees do not cover prints or electronic versions of your images.

Session Fee Studio (bring a friend)
If you like and often it can make your session more relaxed and enjoyable bring a
fellow senior and we will create portraits for the both of you. This discount is limited
to two persons per session. We want to maintain the level of personal attention that
is required to create a successful portrait. This fee is for each person.

Session Fee Travel

This fee applies when we travel to your location within a 30 mile radius of Fontana
California. For distances beyond we will provide a quote. Some locations might have
other fees associated with shooting photography on their premises or grounds.

Session Fee Travel (bring a friend)

This fee is for each person limit of 2 persons per session.

Extended Session Time

This fee applies for extending session time. Each additional ½ hour required beyond the base 1½ hour session. The same Extended Session fee applies for “bring a friend” discount and applies to each person.

Professional Hair & Make-Up

There are many talented individuals available and their prices vary. Don’t forget
about the person who does your hair now.

Specialized Equipment and Staging

We can capture the shot you desire but it might take specialized equipment. A nearly unimaginable assortment of photography equipment is available. We can engineer and design any shoot you might want to pursue.

Example Products Prints

These prices represent the base price for the print in the size noted. There are other sizes available both larger and smaller. There is also a few upgrade options such as having your print on Fuji Pearl Paper and adding a Luster Coat both of which I recommend.

5” x 7” Standard Print

8” x 10” Standard Print

10” x 15” Large Print

16” x 20” Large Print

20” x 24” Very Large Print

24” x 36” Very Large Print

ee 8” x 10” print for every referral you make.

This offer applies when you “Bring a friend”. Print will be Lustre coated and foam core mounted a
$25.00 value.

photo, inc. will occasionally offer specials throughout the year where you or loved ones can order additional prints and products from our web site at discounted prices. You will look awesome on a coffee mug for grandma. Moms’ screen saver and a mouse pad for your brother The prices listed above do not include sales tax or shipping.

Print Options, Mounting & Framing

om $1.00 to $13.00

Linen Print Texture

om $1.00 to $6.00

Single Weight Backboard

om $4.00 to $7.00

Double Weight Backboard

om $15.00 to $58.00

Foam Core Mount

om $14.00 to $179.00

om $14.00 to $179.00

Beaded Walnut Frame

om $28.00 to $233.00

Beaded Mahogany Frame

om $26.00 to $217.00

om $26.00 to $217.00

Black Rounded Frame

om $26.00 to $217.00

Black Metal Frame

om $26.00 to $217.00

Black Curved Frame

om $26.00 to $217.00

Silver Curved Frame

om $26.00 to $217.00

Silver Metal Frame

om $26.00 to $217.00

Silver Ornate Frame

om $26.00 to $217.00

Gold Ornate Frame

om $26.00 to $217.00

Gold Accent Frame

om $26.00 to $217.00

Bronze Ornate Frame

om $26.00 to $217.00

Pewter Ribbed Frame

om $26.00 to $217.00

Espresso Walnut Frame

om $26.00 to $217.00

Blonde Maple Frame

om $26.00 to $217.00

om $26.00 to $217.00

Digital Download Products

Low Resolution Personal Use (Social Media Formatted) No printing

This is the full gallery of final images.

High Resolution Image with printing

This fee is per image. We cannot guarantee your satisfaction with the final print when images are printed outside of our workflow control.

How to book a Session

Thank you for taking the time to understand this process. Please call today 760-550- 8651 and Tim will answer any questions you have and schedule a session. Or send an email to and I will be in touch with you shortly.

We are booking sessions regularly. Please ask for the date you prefer if we can accommodate you it would be our pleasure.

Upon the booking of your session a $100.00 dollar non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your session time. Should life happen and you need to change your session date we can accommodate you as long as you give us at least 72 hours’ notice.

Payment can be made via PayPal, Personal Check or Credit Card via our website.

tjvphoto, inc. mission statement

Unique stories told with the power of photography

At tjvphoto our mission is to tell the story of your company through images. Whether your goal is to reach new or existing customers, rebrand a product, reposition your company in your industry or reach out and educate existing and new stakeholders.
Nothing speaks louder, interrupts and grabs the attention of more people than the power of a well-crafted image. The adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” has never been more true than today. Attention spans are short and competition is fierce. Defining the unique place your company occupies in your industry, your community and with your stakeholders has never been more important. Whether it is in advertising, social media, the space where you receive and greet your customers, negotiate sales, interact with vendors and build company pride with your employees. Artistically conceived, masterfully crafted images tell your story in glances, draw your audience in, command attention and pique the viewers’ curiosity; a picture is truly worth a thousand words. Quality photography and well executed prints can be the window to the soul of your enterprise. tjvphoto brings artistic vision and the state of the art in photographic capture technology and printing to your high standards and guarantees your satisfaction. Partnering with tjvphoto your story can be told.

Call or email today for a consultation and customized proposal. There is no obligation.

Our obligation is to present you with a professional proposal tailored to the needs,

timeline and budget of your company.